Client Referral Program

Thanking those who help us grow in the best way possible!

Gauss is excited to offer the opportunity for others to submit potential clients and to receive compensation based on their performance if they do launch a tokenized product in our ecosystem.

As the image above illustrates, our payment schedule for this program is tiered and is based on the client's token(s) transaction volume. The volume total and 24 hour average are to illustrate the ranges for each payout band. After receiving the cap for a band, the percentage would be adjusted until the new cap is reached. eg, If a client's token has a total volume above $500M in the first year, the payout would be $250,000 and 0.025% of their volume above $500M.

Volume: This refers to the transaction volume of their token through Noble Swap Transaction Fee: Gauss receives a fee for all swaps and transactions on Noble Swap, which is how these referral fees are paid.

Client Referral Form

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