Gauss Explorer Internal Documentation

To view Modules and API Reference documentation:

  1. Generate documentation. mix docs

  2. View the generated docs. open doc/index.html

Gauss Explorer API Usage

Api calls can be accessed from the Gauss Explorer footer or top menu depending on the instance. Gauss Explorer supports several methods:

  1. 1.Graphiql: An IDE for exploring GraphQL

  2. 2.RPC: API provided for developers transitioning their applications to Gauss Explorer. Supports GET and POST requests.​

  3. 3.Eth RPC: Supports the most popular JSON RPC methods.


Send Queries to quickly get information. Use the Docs button to quickly find arguments accepted by the schema. More information is available in Blockscout GraphQL tutorial.


Blockscout supports the following methods. Requests and return data are identical to the documentation.

  • eth_blockNumber

  • eth_getBalance

  • eth_getLogs

API Keys

If My Account is enabled, users can add up to 3 API keys to ensure 10 request/second limits. When API Keys are not used, the global default is 50 requests/second.​

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