Important Definitions

Curated Blockchain: All projects on the blockchain are thoroughly vetted through a curation process.

Gauss Ecosystem: Our platform and ecosystem where all our partners’ branded tokens will be exchanged.

KYB: Know Your Business

Permissioned Blockchain: Partially decentralized, permissions to deploy contracts within the blockchain are controlled by a gatekeeper that ensures access is only given to certain entities that pass the requirements set by an organization’s goals or bylaws.

Strategic Partnerships: Those who work with us on curation and vetting processes, KYB, token economics review, legal review, etc. Also those who assist projects launching with Gauss by helping with marketing, legal, development, or shoring up areas a project may be weak to set them up for success.

EVM: Ethereum Virtual Machine. EVM compatibility reduces barriers to entry for application developers to deploy smart contracts on new layer-1 blockchains. EVM compatibility is essential for forming cross-chain bridges, allowing funds to easily be transferred from one network to another.

Bridge: A bridge allows tokens to move from one blockchain to another.

Off-Chain Custodian: Third-party entities that store crypto assets. They are often regulated financial services companies. Custodians play an important role in achieving widespread adoption of crypto and other Web3 assets. (Learn more: https://cryptonews. com/custodians-facilitating-adoption).

Corrupt Data: An example of corrupting data would be a developer manually making malicious changes to a contract or diverting funds. They’d have to own two-thirds of the total nodes on the blockchain in order to make a harmful change. This will not be possible on the Gauss blockchain.

Noble Swap: The Gauss Swap where eligible tokenized assets within the ecosystem can be exchanged.

NFT Protocols: Base functionality of a NFT.

DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

GANG: Our native asset which will be used to access Gauss and can t hen be traded for other tokens within the Gauss Ecosystem.

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