Requests & Limits

The default rate limit for requests is 50 requests/sec set via the default_api_rate_limit variable. This applies to global requests which do not originate from a whitelisted address or do not use an API key.

  • Individual API key: An API key can be created by the user in the My Account section (currently available on select instances). Requests made using an individual API key are limited to 10 req/sec.

  • Static API key: A per instance API key (note this functionality was created prior to individual API keys and may have limited utility) can be managed via the API_RATE_LIMIT_STATIC_API_KEY variable.

  • IP Whitelist: A default limit can be applied to whitelisted IPs via the API_RATE_LIMIT_WHITELISTED_IPS variable. This can be used to assign custom limits to prioritized applications.

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