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  • Uncles: Not valid for PoS consensus (but available for PoW consensus chains such as Ethereum Classic), uncles are created when 2 blocks are mined at the same time. Only 1 block can be added to the chain, and Uncles are the blocks that are not added, but miners still receive rewards for these blocks.

  • Forked Blocks (Reorgs): Blocks which are not included in the primary chain due to chain reorganizations.


  • Mined: Transactions which have been added to the chain, either by validators or miners depending on the chain type.

  • Pending: Transactions still in the mempool which are waiting to be mined. These transactions may be mined or excluded depending on gas fees or network congestion.


Token menu is often configured differently depending on the instance.

  • All: A list of ERC-20 tokens deployed to the chain.

  • Native (ie ETH on mainnet): Displays native token holders, ordered by balance.

  • Bridged: If a chain includes bridged tokens (ie Gnosis Chain) these can be catalogued here.




The current network name along with a dropdown displaying available instances. Self-hosted chains may choose to only show their Mainnet and testnets. Hosted instances typically include links to other Hosted instances including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Gnosis Chain.

Night Mode

The comprehensive search bar allows for search by address, token name, token symbol, transaction hash, block number, tag or project name. It is typically the easiest way to find data quickly, and populates with inline results as you type.

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