Tokens issued by the Company may drop substantially in value, or may remain illiquid for long periods of time or indefinitely. The Company cannot guarantee an active secondary market for the exchange of tokens purchased in the token sale. Not all disclosures or statements may be made in this disclaimer section. Purchasers should review the token sale agreement in its entirety and seek the professional advice of legal counsel and investment professionals. GANG may change in value based on a number of factors that are outside the Company’s control. There is no guarantee or expectation that GANG will increase in value, provide a return, or have sufficient adoption and liquidity on exchanges. Owning these tokens does not constitute a share of equity or ownership in the company. Regulatory circumstances may require that token mechanics be changed or altered. GANG does not have any express or implied value, rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities, or features including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities, or features on any platform. The Company reserves the right to refuse or cancel GANG at any time at its sole discretion.

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