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Curation Stages and Processing Fees

Getting Started

To begin, an interested project or brand, whether it already exists on another blockchain, or in a Web 2 space will need to contact Gauss through our Launch with Gauss Form here. Once a ticket is submitted, a project member will respond and walk through the next steps. Well established projects and brands will have a different onboarding experience than new projects due to their existing reputation and good will. While Gauss is in the early stages of launching, this process will be somewhat dependent on how quickly the applicant(s) can respond to the various levels of inquiry before getting approval.
Application and Processing Fees: Each stage will have its own fee attached. Fees will be collected by Gauss and will be required prior to the stage beginning. All fees are non-refundable.

Stage 1: Gauss internal team research and analysis of the project/brand

Fee: $1500
This part of the project will require the applicant(s) to complete a questionnaire that has various questions in the following categories:
A) Team Quality
B) Project Planning and Execution
C) Market
D) Regulatory
E) Tokenomics
F) Technical and Security

If the project passes this stage, they are sent to Stage 2. If it doesn’t pass, feedback will be provided to let the applicant know what was missing.

Stage 2: KYB

Fee: $2000

This process will be done with a third party service to gather all required information about the core team members. All core team members will be required to provide personal information that will be stored with the third party. Once this is complete and the KYB is approved, the application will move to the next stage.

Stage 3: Tokenomics Review

Fee: $400
This is a more in-depth review of the tokenomics by an expert employed by Gauss. Items that are considered in this review are:
A) Allocation Distributions
B) Liquidity
C) Taxes
D) Token Supply

Fee: Dependent on the Level of Review and Support Needed

If the project is approved by KYB, tokenomics, review, and legal, the project will come back to Gauss for assistance with any marketing support that will be required.

Additional Support

If there is any additional support required- i.e. tokenomics or other technical support Gauss is here to help!

Stage 4: Press Release/Announcement

Once the project is completely onboarded, a press release will be issued through all Gauss communication channels.