Gauss Faucet

Gauss Induction Labs Testnet Faucet

Using the the Faucet

The G.I.L. Faucet is used to receive test GANG coins to help in testing apps and tokens on the G.I.L. Testnet. While these tokens have no 'real world' value, they enable users to experiment with G.I.L. testnet features before launching their project with Gauss.

  • To receive test GANG, please connect to the G.I.L. Network, and then navigate to the G.I.L. Faucet. Simply enter the wallet address where you would like to receive the test GANG and click the REQUEST 1 GANG button:

  • If the transaction is successful, a comfirmation pop-up will come up in the center of the page. You may click the wallet address to follow the transaction on the G.I.L. Explorer.

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