Gang Token Economics: Designed to Ensure Trust and Transparency

Economic, incentive, and mechanism design are crucial elements of any crypto project. They define how tokens are distributed. Gauss is resolute in protecting our ecosystem for our community, brand partners, and their audiences. These protections ensure the continued success and growth of Gauss and our partners over the long term. Gauss is committed to transparency and open communication. Every token in our total supply and company wallets will always be accounted for online, with full disclosure. This also applies to every other aspect of our finances. Transparency is the foundation of how we will conduct business. This is even more important when it comes to token economics. Every digital item under Gauss's administration will be transparently managed, along with publicly published reporting. Any questions will be thoroughly answered by the Gauss team. Nothing will be obscured. Any missing details in early documentation result from accidental exclusion. There is no malicious intent. Discrepancies, if discovered, will be corrected promptly. Trust is critical for Gauss and our community.

The total supply of GANG was pre-minted upon launch. Tokens will soon be distributed to designated company wallets. We will disclose each wallet and smart contract address, with annotations to show how they will be used. These tokens will have time locked schedules via smart contract. They will unlock based on the published release schedule. Gauss will receive 30% of the initial supply of GANG. The GANG will be divided across funds for marketing, operations and development, charitable donations, incentives, and a reserve. All minted tokens will eventually end up in circulation. When the community and company allocations are distributed, roughly 85% of all GANG will be in circulation. Our primary revenue stream will come from transaction fees. These fees are broken down into four types: redistribution, liquidity, charitable fund, and company funds. All revenue generated from transaction fees will ensure the Gauss Ecosystem is sustainable and allow us to achieve our long-term goals.

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