Security & Reliability

According to the United States Federal Trade Commission from the beginning of 2021 until now, more than 46,000 individuals have reported losing money in a crypto scam. The total amount of money lost is calculated to be over $1 billion with the average person losing $2,600. Due to the lack of regulations and proactive oversight currently within blockchain ecosystems, scammers are using every opportunity they can to take advantage of people. These scams are often directed towards new users that are looking for ways to enter into Web 3.0, but lack the familiarity needed to detect bad actors. A recent study showed that 9% of respondents held a form of crypto, but didn’t understand how they work at all. Gauss is taking the guesswork out of trading digital assets. Participants can always rest assured that they're swapping for what they want- not a spoofed version.

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