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Ferro Cards

Magnets for rewards & keys to exclusive opportunities with Gauss!

Ferro Cards are a great many things for Gauss.

  • Way for us to engage with & reward our community for years to come
  • Case study we can present to potential clients
  • Digital product we can sell (revenue)
  • Tool for a portion of initial distribution of GANG


Iron --> Nickel --> Cobalt I/N/C
  • Iron: 24,680 NFTs
  • Nickel: 6,789 NFTs
  • Cobalt: 2,345 NFTs
Minting: Prior to migrating to Gauss, FC were minted with Matic on Polygon. On Gauss, FC will be minted with GANG - 750/1500/3750 for I/N/C.
Tier Hierarchy: Many benefits will be based on tier, with each tier above generally receiving about double those of the tier below; Iron --> Nickel --> Cobalt. If we were splitting ten tokens across tiers, it would work out to being about 5/3/2, which would then be split across all holders. Some benefits may only be won or received by holders of one or two tiers, random holders, holders of specific numbers or attributes, etc.


Access & Roles: Ferro Card holders will receive exclusive access to some things and will have special roles. One example of this are Discord roles, channels, & events. In the future these benefits may extend to other events, in person & virtual.
GANG Allocation: Ferro Cards minted prior to the migration to Gauss each have a GANG token allocation - 1500/3000/6000 for I/N/C. FC minted on Gauss with GANG will not have a token allocation, however all reward & prize FC will still have GANG accompanying them.

Rewards Funnel:

Token rewards for Ferro Card holders will enter a smart contract funnel, releasing them periodically to holders. These rewards will be split between all FC holders - 50%/30%/20% for I/N/C.
eg, a single airdrop from the funnel of 100,000 GANG to FC holders with the above distribution percentages (and all three tiers were sold out) would look like:
# NFTs
GANG (per NFT)
2.026 GANG
4.190 GANG
8.529 GANG
CryptoLink Bridge Validator: Ferro Card holders will receive rewards from a CryptoLink Bridge Miner acquired & operated by Gauss.
Mint Fee: A portion of the fees (10%) obtained from minting Ferro Cards on Gauss will enter the Ferro Cards Rewards Funnel.
Creator Fee: A portion of the fees (50%) obtained from all secondary sales of Ferro Cards will enter the Ferro Cards Rewards Funnel
Unclaimed Rewards: Prizes & rewards from giveaways, contests, etc. that are not claimed will enter the Ferro Cards Rewards Funnel
Other Benefits: We will be adding value to our Ferro Card holders as much as we can manage. These may be in the form of whitelists, airdrops, and other rewards for our own products as well as those of others launch on Gauss.


These attributes will be used later for various contests and games, allowing us to have tags we can reference for randomization, setting goals, etc. With just the three following random attributes (excluding Erathos) there are 3,360 unique combinations. Though Iron & Nickel will have duplicated attribute combinations, there are no duplicates with the Cobalt tier.
Polarity: Positive, negative, & neutral
Cards: Suits (♤ ♡ ♢ ♧) & card values (2-10 & J-A)
Creatures: A variety of creatures with some shared across all three tiers and some unique to specific tiers.
Erathos: This is the trait showing whether it was minted before or after the migration to Gauss. A shortened form of "Eratosthenes" that combines his name with a hint of the metal theme (as "thos" may evoke "ore" or "metal"). It pays homage to the father of prime numbers while maintaining a concise and unique form.