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Core Principles and Curation Guidelines

The following is a list of core principles that all projects must agree upon and adhere to while operating within the Gauss Ecosystem.
The highly selective nature of Gauss’s curated ecosystem extends to businesses, brands, and projects across all sectors. The process for brands to launch with Gauss will not be the same as crypto-native projects. Though all applicants may not be an excellent fit to work with Gauss, consideration to their pitch and project design will be offered in the selection process.
To be truly successful in this space, all participating brands must desire to authentically engage with and add value to their communities, and should not solely aim to capitalize on them. While revenue and sustainability are certainly goals of any successful brand or project, they should not be the only gauge for success.
Current Project Requirements:
  • No hate speech or bigotry
  • No pornographic content at this time
  • Each team member that has access to any smart contracts, wallets, or capital for the project will need to go through KYB (Know Your Brand). This will involve several steps that will require personal information to be shared and stored. This step will not be taken lightly and is an important and crucial part for maintaining the security and integrity of Gauss. Rest assured that we will maintain the highest level of security for all parties involved.
  • Gauss will hold the initial LP tokens for each project in the ecosystem. This is to ensure the safety of each liquidity pool so that it cannot be drained or exploited (as many projects have done).
  • Projects should be willing to sign a launch agreement contract with Gauss Provide more details
  • Each step of the curation process will require a fee:
    • Gauss Application $1,500
    • KYB Process $2,000
    • Tokenomics Review $400
    • Legal Review Please Inquire for Quote
If your brand or project does not agree with each of these core principles and guidelines, then the Gauss ecosystem may not be the right choice. However, we realize that each project is unique and we welcome constructive feedback and cooperation. If you have any questions about these guidelines, or require further clarification, we encourage you to consider applying and providing us additional feedback on which step you take issue with. We will be more than happy to discuss your particular project needs and see if we can come to a reasonable agreement.