Gauss recently rolled out a generous Client Referral Program that allows one to earn commissions by referring new clients to the platform. If there is a brand or a project that could benefit from Gauss's blockchain technology, one can introduce them and receive a commission on their volume should they launch a project within the ecosystem. This is a great way for participants to earn income while helping to build the Gauss Ecosystem. For more information please checkout the Gauss Client Referral Program Video or visit this link to fill out the Client Referral Form.


To give back to the Web 3.0 community and support the projects that choose to build with Gauss, 8.5 million $GANG tokens have been allocated for grants (worth $2.5 million at $0.30/GANG) through the Gauss Growth Grant Program. The program is open to anyone who launches a tokenized project on the Gauss Blockchain. Grants will vary in size from $50k-250k and will be distributed monthly to selected teams across a 5-24 month term. Supporting the projects within the ecosystem is a fundamental priority of the Gauss team. If a brand or project is interested in taking advantage of Gauss Growth Grant Program, they should complete the Launch with Gauss Form.


Gauss is introducing a Liquidity Program to provide stability and security within the ecosystem. Gauss will pair GANG with new tokens launched within the ecosystem to provide liquidity for new tokens, simultaneously adding an anti-rug security measure to all projects. This program aims to protect each community individually and the whole ecosystem collectively. Gauss will generally pair 10-20% of a new token's total supply with GANG. Liquidity pool tokens received from this pairing will be locked. Gauss will not sell or liquidate the new tokens received from any team, at any time, for any reason. The specific amount provided and other details, such as, the percentage of total supply acquired, the new token value, the quantity of GANG paired, etc., will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will evolve over time as the Gauss Ecosystem continues to grow.

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