Liquidity Boost Program

The Liquidity Boost Program (LBP) is designed to incentivize users to participate in growing liquidity on Gauss.

Rewards & Benefits These are static at launch but may change if subsequent tiers or program periods are offered. Participating throughout the full period of the program grants eligibility to receive a host of rewards and benefits!

  • LP rewards on Noble Swap are ~0.45% normally. That is almost 2x the rewards of most swaps that offer ~0.25%.

  • LP rewards for this program will be 2x normal, ~0.90%.

  • Gauss has created a pool of 1M GANG to be used for additional rewards based on impermanent loss calculations after the one year period of the program.

  • You will also receive 20% of the amount you stake as GANG at the end of this program based on its value at that time.

How to Participate

Step 1: Bridge Native USDC on Polygon into Gauss by using the the USDC Bridge Service on NobleSwap.

Step 3: After a 10% program fee is applied, the LBP contract pairs the received USDC.pol with an equivalent amount of GANG and immediately adds the tokens to the GANG:USDC.pol Liquidity Pool on NobleSwap. The LP Tokens are automatically staked in the LBP contract.

How to Unstake

  • At any point users can unstake their Liquidity Pairing. However, if the user unstakes before the end of the LBP duration period of one full calendar year (12 months), the user accepts their forfeiture of all rewards, benefits, and guarantees.

  • To Unstake early, users must press the “Approve Exit” button.

  • After accepting the forfeiture of rewards, participants can then press the “Exit LBP” button to receive their staked LP tokens.

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