For Developers

Building from source

  1. Clone repository

git clone
  1. Copy config.json.example to config.json

cp config.json.example config.json
  1. Update config.json ./config.json (see config.json with placeholders below)

  2. Update ./public/index.html: Find <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="type your reCaptcha plugin secret here"></div> line and type your reCaptcha plugin secret in data-sitekey attribute. For more info, see

  3. Install dependencies npm install from the project's root

  4. Run faucet with npm start. GIL Testnet faucet will be launched at http://localhost:5000

Server config.json (./config.json) with placeholders

  "environment": "switcher between configurations: 'prod' or 'dev'",
  "debug": "switch on/off server logs: true or false",
  "Captcha": {
    "secret": "reCaptcha plugin secret"
  "Ethereum": {
    "etherToTransfer": "The number of milliEther to be sent from the faucet. For example, 500",
    "gasLimit": "Transaction gas limit, for example, 21000",
    "prod": {
      "rpc": "JSON RPC endpoint. For example,",
      "account": "The address from which the funds will be drained",
      "privateKey": "Private key of the account"
    "dev": {

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