NFTs in Gauss 2.0


We will explore blockchain-based solutions to permanently house NFTs created in the Gauss Ecosystem. Possibilities include using Arweave, IFPS, a similar third-party service, or another chain in the Gauss Ecosystem. To ensure the long-term survival of Gauss, it is imperative such information be stored on-chain.


At present, most NFTs are fairly static digital assets built using protocols that have limited utility and functionality. We will create protocols that readily allow for more functionality and expanded use cases with in game assets (mentioned below in Token Development Kit). Some of the proposed, or underutilized, protocols have a fraction of the functionality we are building toward. Each new protocol we develop will be optimized as part of the total set of Gauss NFT protocols. Initially, these will launch via BSL. After a period of time, we intend to make these available as well-tested and proven open source EIPs.

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